Golden Lounge International, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA): An Overview

Golden Lounge International, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA): An Overview.

KLIA offers you an ideal space ready for you. Whether you're travelling or just getting started and want to unwind, recharge, calm down, or stay in touch, the Golden Lounge KLIA is now available for you to enjoy.

You can purchase a single-entry lounge pass through the mobile apps of Malaysia Airlines or Journify by Malaysian Aviation group websites, or a walk-in lounge pass at the respective lounge.

Distinctively Malaysian

If you want to try out Malaysia Airlines' long-haul Business Class, here is a perfect option. The airline runs an Airbus A330 between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The three Golden Lounges KLIA have breathtaking views and distinctive regional design elements. Although they all provide foreign dishes, they are particularly proud of their local dishes, which honour Malaysia's diverse culinary heritage.

Relax right before take-off.

Before your planned departure flight, take advantage of up to three hours of complimentary access to the Golden Lounge to ensure a comfortable start to your vacation. Please note that all passes are only valid for use the day after your planned departure.

Because there is ample distance between tables in the lounge and it is much larger, you cannot overhear your neighbours talking. You may also pay MYR 320 (or MYR 279 if you buy it online) to gain entry to the Golden Lounge if you are flying with Malaysia Airlines in Economy Class.

Spirits come standard, and you may purchase sparkling wine upon request. The sports bar offers alcoholic beverages, which you can carry outside throughout the Golden Lounge and enjoy anywhere.

The expansive Malaysia Airlines Satellite Golden Lounge features several sitting sections designed to accommodate various visitor demographics. Sitting in the main area is a good option for people who like to socialise with other single travellers and strangers, but if you want a bit more solitude, you may decide to sit in one of the small nooks at the side. The lounge offers a wide variety of seating locations to accommodate all traveller types, and I particularly value the ample personal space available since it's becoming increasingly scarce in today's world.

The buffet at Golden Lounge is rather good. More chairs are found near the rear of the lounge; however, this section is quite awful and lacks a view, so I doubt that anyone would want to sit here unless they were holding a crucial business call or something.

In 2016, Malaysia Airlines opened dedicated laksa bars in each of the Golden Lounges in Kuala Lumpur. This is a great chance to try the many regional Laksa variations. It's intriguing how the Laksa bar has a whole different, marginally more conventional design.

The restrooms and the pay rooms for both male and female visitors are situated near the far end of the Golden Lounge KLIA. In case you need them, shower facilities are also available. A coffee barista also serves made-to-order coffee in the lounge.

The Golden Lounge at KLIA offers comfortable seating areas with plenty of natural light and a view of the tarmac, making it ideal for aviation enthusiasts to indulge in a little plane spotting after you've finished your meal and beverages.

For parents bringing young kids, there's a modest family area and playroom at the rear of the lounge. The area is rather simple, with a tiny TV that plays kid-friendly programming, but it doesn't stand out from the other parts of the lounge.


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  1. Pernah sekali je masuk golden lounge ni. Makan free-flow sedap. Tapi harga tu macam tak berbaloi sbb bukan boleh tido pun kat situ.

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