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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tag - Street Slang Definition of Urself

Go to www.urbandictionary.com.Type in answer to each question in the search box,then write the definition it gives you.If there's more than one, just pick the first one.

1) Your name?
Adda - Another Dysfunctional Disorder of Anna, named after the unfortunate person who was the first to become 'profesionally' diagnosed with the disease, shortened to 'ADDA', is a serious disorder in which the unfortunate victim is unable to type correctly. This results in horrible mutilations of the word that the victim is attempting to spell as well as bad grammar. Typos and random, unknown words may be a warning of an upcoming hell when it comes to emailing, instant messaging, posting comments, and possibly even texting. ADDA can be caused by typing too quickly or in some extreme cases a lapse in the brain's normal activity. (NOTE: In severely extreme cases, the lapse may be long term or even permanent!). If you or a loved one suffers from ADDA, please call...oh, who are we kidding. They're screwed and bound to endless amounts of teasing.
ThisIsMySN23: hloy crap ddid yo srr tom todayyuu?/
iCanSpell: um. what? ThisIsMySN23:
I SIAD: "holy crap, dod you sere tom dya/"
iCanSpell: ok you suck at typing. ha ha! you must suffer from ADDA!
Hahha.. very funny..
2) Your age?
30 - A 30 pack 12 oz cans of beer.
Can you get a 30? I want to get wasted tonight. Don't even bother with the longnecks.
3) One of your friends?
Ju - conjunction of the words "did you".
Ju do that already? No, I thought you did! Hey, ju gona eat dat? Help yourself!
4) What should you be doing?
Sleep - You have been awake for 18 hours and are now viewing this useless definition of sleep. You are very tired and your brain is not functioning at its normal capacity. The bags under your eyes are starting to weigh you down. It's 1:30am and you have to get up at 6:30am for work. Another coffee wont help you now...
Turn off your computer and get some sleep you net junky!!
5) Favorite color?
Purple - Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!
6) Hometown?
Muar - MUAR 392. He started out as a distraction and ended up a legend. Also known as MHK.
Who is the Mesh Hat Kid?
7) Month of your birthday?
January - Everyones favorite month!! playing in the snow snuggling by the fire, and having excuse for ur penis looking so small.
January: Cold weather shrinks ur junk.
Sini xde snow apamacam!!
8) Last person talked to on the phone?
Colleague (urusan keje laa..) - A fellow member of a profession, staff, or academic faculty; an associate.
I can't simply ask Emma to fuck with me. She's not my friend, she is just my colleague.
9) Favorite sport?
Badminton - A very dynamic, fast-paced game. Badminton requires a lot more agility and strategizing than most people probably think. You have to see it played competitively to really understand the energy and reflexes needed to be good at this sport.
Hitting a birdie over a net with a long-necked racket. Doesn't sound very hard, does it? Come play with us. >:]
10) Your last name?
Ahmad - A tweety pie, aka as Adam. He's super sxy, funny, he's cool, he's smart and he burns.
Be carefull not to get too emotional over Ahmad. He burns...sniff, sniff.

Lepas nih, nak tag Kak zu plak hehhe

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