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Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Best Personalized Baby Gift by Lovingly Signed

The Best Personalized Baby Gift by Lovingly Signed. Having a baby is a simply wondrous and deserved to be celebrated not only by the parents, but also for the people surrounding them. It's very simple! Babies are precious and believe me, finding the perfect gift is a real tussle. We surely want to give the best and personalized gift to them.   Let mama introduce you The Best Personalized Gift for Baby by Lovingly Signed that surely will bring joy to the recipient.

Personalized Gift by Lovely Signed

Lovingly Signed website

Lovingly Signed was established in order to offer Beautiful Personalized Baby Gifts and giving impact to gifts market in Asia. Their specialty is the creation of the most exquisite gifts with latest technology, innovation and design created just for the recipient. With extensive range of luxury personalized gifts, they proudly offer the best FREE PERSONALIZATION gift perfect for any occasion such as baby shower, welcoming new baby or birthdays with FREE DELIVERY for all order delivered in Hong Kong.

Lovely Signed Luxury Box

Lovingly Signed brings together the most beautiful baby products from across the world, personalizes them, packs in FREE LUXURY GIFT PACKAGING and delivers it direct to the recipient's door.

Some of the Best Sellers by Lovely Signed

There are many variety of personalized product Lovely Signed has prepared. From Clothing to Blanket & Towels to Toys and Gift Hamper, everything can be personalized for free. Just imagine the joy it would bring having a gift with your own baby's / infant's name on the baby blanket or soft toys or even laundry bag. Yeah, it's personalised and this give more intimate meaning to the gift. 

Mouse Backpack with personalised name

Personalised name embroided onto soft toy

Personalised Hoodie Towel

FREE Delivery to Hong Kong

Delivery is Free of Charge for all orders to be delivered in Hong Kong and takes on average between 2 to 3 working days. However Lovely Signed also ships globally. The shipping price will be calculated at checkout and takes on average between 4 to 8 working days. 

Sign up for Lovely Signed newsletter and get these gift:

  • Downloadable free pregnancy milestone cards
  • Downloadable free baby milestone cards

There are hundreds more choice to pick from Lovely Signed. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go to Lovingly Signed website and start to personalised your gift now.

More info can get from Lovely Signed Social Media:


  1. Normally for the loves one now for wonderful..the gift looks exclusive...

  2. Wah menarik sangat nie Adda, siap boleh tulis nama baby ya..

    1. Tu la kak.. tentu seronok bila dlthafia personalized MCM ni kan

  3. Dari anak pertama berangan nak beli ni, tp fikir, duit tu boleh guna ke lain. Haha one day maybe. ^^

    1. Mana tau dapat Hadiah aien .. murah rezeki baby nanti

  4. alahai cutenya semua..boleh la siapa yg nak buat untuk anak2 diorang

  5. Suke tgk material dia ade gambar bunga2...

  6. comel semua design, siap boleh tulis nama lagi ye kak...

  7. cantik sangat hoodie towel tu..kalo ada rezeki nanti nak tempah la untuk anak2 buah

  8. alolololo...
    rindu nyer nak dpt baby bila tgk semua ni.
    pernah gak la dulu kala dpt tuala ada nama Ijat :)
    hadiah time Ijat 1 year old dari mak usu nyer.


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