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Friday, July 19, 2019

Facts about Sympathy Flowers | Little Flower Hut

Facts about Sympathy Flowers | Little Flower Hut

It has been a tradition to send sympathy flowers to the funerals and to the homes of the family. Since the beginning of time, flowers played a role in expressing sentiments or in conveying sincere emotions. The loss of a loved one is a time to send flowers to show sympathy and to comfort a soul who is grieving. You can send a Flower Delivery more effectively and meaningful if you know what sympathy flowers are and the facts behind it. Your Florist is here to help you choose an appropriate design for the sympathy flower arrangement. More than that, your florist will also help you learn the facts about sympathy flowers:

Why do you need to send sympathy flowers?

Before you can send a meaningful bouquet of flowers for sympathy, it will be best to know why the sad occasion requires the most thoughtful bouquet. It is important to know what flowers can do and what they symbolize when planning to send one to someone who is grieving. The beautiful hand bouquet will surely lighten up the load and embrace someone with love and care even in the midst of pain and sadness because of the loss of a loved one.

What are the types of flowers appropriate for sympathy?

Different types of sympathy flowers offer different meaning. You can easily find the appropriate flowers for the sympathy bouquet if you will look at the flower shop. There are Peace Lilies in bouquets and in pots for potted plants. There are Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and Gladioli which are symbolic of the purity and innocence associated with peaceful rest. If you want to know more types of flowers for sympathy, do not hesitate to ask your online florist.

When to send sympathy flowers?

Another important factor about sympathy flowers is the perfect time to send one. You can send a special flower arrangement to sympathize and to show your concern. Sympathy flowers can be sent right away as soon as you heard the news. There is no better way to comfort a friend or a special person than a special sympathy bouquet.

Where to send your sympathy flowers?

In sending flowers for sympathy, you need to know where the flowers are appropriate to delivery or send. Funeral flowers, in beautiful wreaths or stand, can be delivered directly to the funeral homes. On the other hand, sympathy flowers should be delivered to home or office. The recipient will feel the sentiments and emotions you want to convey through the flowers.

What can you send aside from flowers?

Aside from flowers for sympathy, the florist in Singapore also offers a wide range of gift items or special packages to comfort the family. From fruit baskets to hampers of gifts, the Flower Delivery of sympathy flowers paired with a basket of fruits, gourmet, or snacks, or with a hamper of things and items makes a wonderful gift to express your sympathy and comfort and to convey your message of love and concern.


  1. banyak juga kita kena tau kan bila nak bg sympathy flower ni. tq for info kak.

    1. betul ana.. ada byk cara utk sampaikan simpati kan

  2. kalau dah namanya perempuan confirm suka bunga kan linda hihi.. segar bau bunga segar

  3. nak beri bunga pun kena tahu.
    if not, karang tersilap bunga & maksud, beri maksud yg lain, kan.

  4. yg sy tahu mn2 bunga warna putih jgn beri sembarangan kt org...


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