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Thursday, August 24, 2017

4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar

Assalamualaikum semua.. Mama memang suka baca dan tengok video Bright Side di facebook sampai mama letak apa-apa posting dia di atas sekali wall mama. Ini adalah satu tajuk yang mama paling suka tentang 4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar. Tapi, bila seseorang tu dah biasa menipu mama tak tau lah 4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar ni boleh guna ke tak. 

Mama tepek di sini untuk rujukan mama juga sebab senang mama nak spot ada seseorang tu kalau dia cakap menipu ke tak. Ada seorang budak kenalan mama yang ada masalah suka sangat menipu. Dan betul lah orang kata, menipu... lama-lama mencuri. Tu lah dilema mama.. mama dah tak tau bila masa dia berkata benar dan bila masa dia menipu. Sebab tu hilang dah kepercayaan mama pada dia. Yang mama dapat kesan, apa juga kata-kata yang lahir dari mulut dia tu semua penipuan..  Jom baca. menarik tau.

4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Liar

However sad it might be to acknowledge it, lies are everywhere. Even if we can forgive ourselves for lying to someone, being lied to isn’t very pleasant.
Bright Side researched 4 subconscious behavior patterns of liars that were determined thanks to linguistic textual analysis, and we think you should know about them. In addition, there’s a bonus method at the end of the article that works in 99% of cases.

1. A liar uses confusing wording.

Despite simple explanations, liars use complicated and intricate sentence structure, inserting excess words and insignificant but plausible-sounding details that help them inflate their deceit.

2. A liar’s explanations are as simple as possible.

Liars normally explain everything in simple terms because their brain refuses to think of a complicated lie. Judgment or evaluation are complex things that are difficult to calculate.

3. A liar’s speech attitude is negative.

Liars are usually negative because they feel subconsciously guilty for their own lies.

4. Liars avoid mentioning themselves.

When liars distort the truth, they tend to avoid talking about themselves. They speak or write about others, specifically in the third person, as if putting distance between themselves and their lies.

Bonus: Eyes don’t lie

If you can’t notice any of the above signals but are still in doubt about whether you’re being lied to, look closely into the eyes of your opponent. Lying makes us nervous, which results in an increased heartbeat and pupil dilation.
Preview photo credit pixabay
Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for BrightSide.me


  1. Eyes don’t lie yang ni bole guna hehe

  2. huhuhu org yg biasa menipu kadang dia sndiri lupa apa yg dia penah ckp...

    kt opis dana pun ada org yg suke nipu, jns ckp bsr.... tak blh org cite psl sesuatu, msti dia akan kata oh laki dia pun ada, eh laki dia pun tahu, eh dia pun kenal... n mcm2 lah

  3. sejak dah brenti keje ni tak jumpa lah org2 mcm ni. dulu ade jugak huhu

  4. Tu la kan.. Kita kena berhati2 juga dgn org keliling kita..Semua list ni mama memang boleh tengok pada si penipu Tu sebab Tu mama letak dlm blog sini utk rujukan

  5. thanks for this info..tahu dah cara nak detect orang nak menipu kita

  6. hahaha lawak pun ada baca kartun2 ni.

  7. Anak buah Mai kalau dia nak lari dari kena marah tu, dia mula la gagap masa explain. Hahaha. Kalau dia betul, bertubi2 hujah dia macam peluru berpandu. Budak 4 tahun :P Dia tak menipu, tapi dia suka buat alasan,haha.


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