Explore Shapewear Options For A Comfortable And Effortless Autumn Season

Autumn is coming in full bloom and everyone’s getting ready for it. Not only taking out warmer clothes and putting away summer ones but it is also time to get new shapewear to rock a fantastic figure during this new season. This means it’s starting to be time to find the perfect ones for you.

For those who are looking for the best options for wholesale shapewear, it’s time to to check Waistdear, as they have the best shapewear options that you will want to bookmark for this new season.

Why should you choose them?

Waistdear is a cutting-edge brand of shapewear that manufactures wholesale products that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Besides that, they have many advantages thanks to their factory.

They are, for example, a direct factory and also have a 12000m2 warehouse, where they can store the many shapewear pieces, they produce for you. They do business in over 150 countries around the world and also sell over 10,000 shapewear a month. Also, it is important to mention that they are a company that is fully integrated, supporting the customization of your brand logo, packaging, and private labeling, besides ODM, OEAM, and drop shipping one-stop service.

Their pieces are high-quality and really offer a wide range of shapewear products, like a hot sale custom waist trainer, amongst many other amazing pieces that you will end up wanting to add to your wardrobe. They are also following all fashion trends to be able to give you the best new trending pieces but at amazing wholesale prices too.

Pieces You’ll Want In Your Closet

As mentioned before, Waistdear offers a wide range of shapewear styles and sizes, and we have taken the time to look for the best ones that we believe you should consider getting or wearing during the new autumn season that is coming soon.

The first piece we want to mention is their Best Fajas Body Shaper Lace Open Crotch Flatten Tummy. This piece has an open crotch and zipper with an eye-and-hook on the front, which makes it easy to wear. This is a mid-thigh full-body shaper, that has a lace trim in the openings that will enhance the shape of the hip and give you an hourglass body.

It also has wide straps in the shoulder to help relieve pain and stress during many different activities, with an adjustable closure that will provide a snuggly fit. The bust and hip areas are stretchy which will prevent your natural curves from being flattered. The belly area has a 3-layer fabric that will reinforce the tummy control effect this type of shapewear offers.

The next one is their Open Gusset Seamless Bodysuit Shapewear Super Fit every day. This piece has a seamless design, and it offers a comfortable and breathable shape that can be worn all day. It has a high-rise detail that will offer posture correction and maximum support in the back.

Besides that, it has a sheer mesh in the areas of the bust and butt that will give them an amazing enhancing effect. Besides that, it has adjustable straps on the shoulders that are there to help the shapewear stay put, It also has an open gusset that will make it easier for bathroom visits.

And the last one is their U-shaped Free Cutting Cuff Design Postsurgical Breast Support Butt Lifting Fajas. This piece has a free-cutting cuff design, it can actually be cropped at the bar tack according to your own needs. It has a U-shaped collar front that will support the breast and reduce the bulges in the armpits. In the abdomen area, you can find a three-layered fabric that will strengthen the control of the abdomen.

To shape effectively the arms, the sleeves use high-elastic fabric. The crotch area has 2 overlapping pieces of fabric that offer a discrete opening between the legs for bathroom visits. The front middle part has 4 eye-and-hook closures that you can adjust according to your needs. It has a design that will lift the butt and also enhance it. It has colpus straps that are adjustable as well as removable, which will push up the breast in a very effective way.

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  1. kalau saya pakai agak2 nya cepat kurus tak? hehehe

    1. mama selalu pakai time berpuasa. boleh shapekan badan kita. kalau rajin pakai lagi cantik shape kita. tapi takdelah kuwus. nak kurus kena diet dgn exercise. mama malas haha

  2. sy pun ada juga kak.. haha konon mau kurus tp jarang nak pakai haha

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