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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Kitchen Exhaust Fan in Malaysia Buying Guide

Kitchen Exhaust Fan in Malaysia Buying Guide. Here is Kitchen Exhaust Fan in Malaysia Buying Guide.


To handle smoke, oil, and aromas from cooking, any good kitchen design should incorporate a ventilation system. Many homes have over-the-range microwaves, although they are rarely vented to the outside. OTR microwaves have several advantages, but venting is not one of them.


Proper kitchen ventilation is critical to keeping a healthy household. In today's world, most homes lack natural ventilation, which is where exhaust fans come in useful. Here's all you need to know about them.


Re-Circulating vs Ducted Ventilation

In general, ductless range hoods are preferable to none. If there is no existing ducting, they are less expensive to construct and provide greater flexibility in installation. They will not, however, "clean" the air as thoroughly as a vented hood, allowing smells, smoke, heat, and moisture to remain. The charcoal filters will undoubtedly improve ventilation in kitchen, but there are no substitute for a vented system in terms of performance.


Vented or Ducted Range Hoods

The air from a ducted range hood is vented to the outside, typically via a wall or roof. This sort of ventilation, as the name indicates, necessitates the construction of ductwork, which, depending on the design of your kitchen, can be a costly operation. You should also think about how the length of your ductwork, as well as any curves or elbows, might affect the efficiency of your ventilation system.


Ventilation Designs & Styles

Ventilation around stovetops and cooktops can be done in a variety of ways.

Downdraft Vents

Downdraft vents are most typically utilized to vent gas and electric cooktops and ranges on islands and peninsulas when above ventilation is difficult to come by. To match the width of the appliance, a pop-up vent will normally be constructed into the counter behind the stove that is about 3" by 30"/36" broad.


The blower assembly is situated beneath the counter, against the cabinet's back wall. The vent rises about 7 inches above the stove to collect smoke, steam, and grease and exhaust it to the outside.


Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Stove hoods that attach to a cabinet above the range are known as under-cabinet range hoods. They can be vented through the cabinet or straight out the rear. This model is also available in convertible and recirculating versions. These range hoods are small and popular, and they usually offer the lowest pricing. Some come with a "pro range hood" canopy, which is bigger and doesn't mix in as well with the cabinetry.


Chimney Hoods

Range in the chimney style hoods are available in wall mount and island mount configurations. They feature a large base and a beautiful "neck" or chimney casing that extends for a considerable distance. They can be vented through the roof or through a wall. Some chimney hoods may be altered to operate without the need of ducts.


Island Range Hoods

Range hoods built for use over an island or peninsula where there is no wall or cabinet to support them are known as island range hoods. They look like chimney hoods and are frequently vented through the roof. Glass, copper, and other unusual materials may be used to add aesthetic flare. They are more costly than wall-mounted choices since they are completed on both sides.


Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Range hoods that are wall-mounted do not require the support of a cabinet above them. Typically, these are chimney hoods with a flared base. They have a distinct aesthetic appeal and provide better coverage of the cooktop area. They normally exhaust through an outside wall behind them, with the unfinished side facing the wall.


Terms & Features of Kitchen Exhaust Fan


The airflow entering the duct is moved by this fan. They're normally found under the hood, but for quieter operation, search for blowers in the duct or outside where the ducting terminates.



This is the pipe or substance that allows air to flow from your hood to the outside. Using the correct duct size and correctly installing it may improve the performance and quietness of your hood. The more ducting you have, the more powerful the blower you'll require.



To catch oil from the air, most hoods incorporate aluminum filters. These filters are relatively easy to clean, which improves the hood's performance. Charcoal filters are one alternative for capturing smoke and smells and preventing them from being discharged back into the room in ductless hoods. In order for the hood to function correctly, these secondary filters will need to be adjusted on a regular basis.


How to Evaluate Alternatives

Are you looking for a low-cost ductless or vented hood that costs between $49 and $129? These devices generally have a CFM range of 160-200 and have task lighting. In this price range, recirculating vents will not perform a good job of venting and keeping the air in your kitchen clean and odor-free. If it doesn't have to shove through a lot of ducting to get to the exterior, a vented hood in this price range will perform a decent job of venting. OTR microwave ovens do the same thing when it comes to venting and lighting.


In certain circumstances, make-up air systems are mandated by law, so check with your builder or contractor to see whether this is necessary.


Another consideration is lighting. The total brightness and effect can be affected by the kind (halogen or LED) and position of the bulbs. LEDs are typically seen on higher-priced hoods.


Another factor to consider is the sound level (sones). If the hood is on while you're cooking and occasionally when you're eating, you want it to be as quiet as possible.



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