Flower Chimp Closes the Year with a Bang Bang Bloom Ongoing Promotions for All Occasions

Kuala Lumpur, 31 October 2018 - “Say it with flowers!” Yes, Flower Chimp prides itself with the art of conveying messages in the form of flowers. Be it a message of love, gratitude, get-well-soon, even to celebrate festivities, flowers are the most convenient option to express it.

As we pace towards the end of 2018, Flower Chimp continues to launch several campaigns to cater to various occasions taking place in the final quarter. Following the success of their October promotions which mainly centred around the breast cancer awareness campaign, customers will be excited to see the upcoming collection and discounts curated specially for them.

“We received a lot of good feedbacks from our customers following the October promotions and we are excited to launch the next campaigns this coming November and December. This is one of the most crucial periods in the year for businesses in general. From the business point of view, we are looking at a good closing for the year and definitely we are looking at more than 100% growth compared to Q4 last year,” said Maximilian Lotz, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Flower Chimp. “From the consumer point of view, they need to make early arrangements before the year ends as people usually go for a long break until 2019 begins”.

Starting November, Flower Chimp has curated these campaigns for customers to continue to enjoy fabulous fresh flowers at affordable prices on top of its FREE delivery nationwide incentive in all four markets – Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Be Single and Fabulous, it’s 11.11!
Countries: MY, ID & PH

Being single does not mean you cannot enjoy your favourite flowers to add sweet brightness at home, workplace or even to cheer up a friend. So, celebrate being single and fabulous this year with 11% discount across the platform.

Single or not, that should not stop you from enjoying red roses. Send one to yourself as a self-reward after a year-long of hard work. Check out some of our traditional bouquets like the Jade (RRP: RM179) bouquet or the 12 Red Roses Korean Style (RRP: RM159). Not too crazy about red? How about Purples Hues (RRP: RM99)  and Pink Blush (RRP:RM129)? Remember, nobody loves you better than YOURSELF!

This promotion is valid from 1 until 11 November 2018 in Malaysia and 5 until 11 November 2018 in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Let the Light Shine this Deepavali
Country: MY only

The Festival of Light or Deepavali is a celebration to commemorate the victory against the power of darkness. Celebrate this with something to brighten the mood this festive season. Here’s an idea, let’s check out our vase arrangements which you can display as you welcome guests during your Deepavali open house.

As Deepavali is all about colours, you’ll fall in love with the Kensington (RRP: RM189) which would light up your living room dΓ©cor. Of course, if your dΓ©cor is already bursting in vivid colours, you can consider something with a lot of whites to create balance like the Carina (RRP:RM259) and the Rise and Shine (RRP: RM199). Perhaps you can also consider something classically beautiful with a modest touch like Loyalty (RRP: RM189).

Flower Chimp makes this Deepavali deal so much sweeter with Gift Hampers ranging from RM189 to RM649. We also have a special hamper with vegetarian selection!

This promotion is valid from 1 to 7 November 2018.

It’s Christmas, It’s MAGIC!
Countries: MY, ID, PH & SG

This year Flower Chimp brings magic to your Christmas celebration with the DIY Christmas Tree. Pick one of the five sizes of your choice with your favourite combination of ornaments to light up your living room. Don’t forget to get a smaller one for work, just to get in the holiday spirit (although your boss may not find this productive, LOL!) this year end.

This promotion is valid from 28 November until stock lasts.

Partner/Chief Operating Officer, NiklasFrassa said, “Towards the end of the year, we want to create more excitement with our floral deals across the region. Hence, we came up with specially curated campaigns as we know which deals appeal to the different taste and preferences among our customers. Our strongest customer base is professional women living in big cities which makes up to more than half of our daily orders. Therefore, we are exploring with specific approach to grow our customer base by reaching out to different target market including men who also have as a strong purchasing power”.

Apply promo code: BIGBANG20 to receive RM20 off on all purchases, no minimum spend required. Limited to one redemption per customer. Not inclusive of other promotions. This offer is valid until 31 December 2018.

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Flower Chimp in Malaysia
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Flower Chimp in Indonesia
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Flower Chimp in the Philippines
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Flower Chimp in Singapore
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