My 10th Anniversary

We made this far. 
I love you for who you were before, 
for what you are now.. 
and for who you will become tomorrow. 

I prày hard to Allah to grant us time
To grow old together 
and together we will be til jannah.

Thank you for everything. 
Through thick and thin, 
through pain and through joy. 
I know we start with alot of pain due to your sickness. 
But I thank Allah for giving us second chance. 
Thank you for our "proud healer", 
who made us strong through that difficult time.

Happy 10th Anniversary to us, 
mama and ayah pipie.
26 May 2007-2017..

[Mama pipie, 25/5/17 10.49pm]

Ujian semasa kami kahwin. Alhamdulillah dah 10 tahun ayah cancer free. Baca sini
Cerita.. ceriti.. ceritu..: Terkenang...: Sendiri baca pun boleh tergenang air mato wuwuu


Masa mengajar kita tentang segalanya.. Masa mematangkan kita seiring dengan usia..


Words of wisdom

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