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Sunday, September 6, 2009

MOBS& HKS Little Bookworm Contest

Kali ni aku nak masuk contest MOBS & Huiwearn Kids Store (HKS) Little Bookworm Contest.. hopefully dapat ler at least early bird prize.. kalau dpt buku lagi best. dpt le syafi tambah koleksi buku dia.. mesti dia suka..

Does your little one love to read books?
Do you read to your babies or toddlers?
Tell us a little something about your Little Bookworm and his/her favourite book, to stand a chance to win great prizes!

Contest ends 1st October 2009.

To take part in this contest,
please complete the following steps:

1) Be a follower of MOBS ( &
Little Red Reading Nook by HKS (

2) Sign up for HKS store newsletter :
a) Go to HKS (
b) Click on “sign up for store newsletter” located on upper right corner
c) Just follow all the instructions there.
d) Ebay will prompt you to log into your ebay account (if you have one) or if you are NEW to ebay, just click on the “register” button
e) Once registered/logged in, choose “General interest” and click on "Add to favourites"

3) Copy and paste the contest banner/link in your blog.
DONE also

4) Blog about your little bookworm :
a) Name & Age
b) Include a photo of your little bookworm with his/her favourite book
c) Favourite book title & short description
Why is it your little bookworm’s favourite book?
Who is your little bookworm’s favourite character in the book and why? (if applicable)

SO, this is my little bookworm (he really is!).
a) Name is Syafi Fakhriy b Syahir Izam (age 18 months)
b) Photo of syafi n his fav book as above.
c) My syafi's favorite book so far is..

The educational science book is about how a father of seahorse gave birth to his babies. it is really an interesting story and very informative too..

Why does he love this book? because he likes sea creatures.. so, when i bought him this book, he was so excited. he loves to look at the pictures and listens to the story i read to him.. this is his favourite book and usually i need to read it and show him the pictures at least 2 times per day to satisfy him. i know i'm reading the same story over and over again but i do know that my syafi likes the book so much.. so i dont mind at all. the little fish is his favourite character.

5) Once done, kindly leave a comment here
a) Name & ebay ID
b) Email address
c) Blog link

Remember EARLY BIRDS get prizes too :)


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