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Sunday, February 14, 2021

thes's Love Giveaway

Salam hari minggu semua. Sambil berehat di rumah sempat jugak mama nak join thes's Love Giveaway. Jom sama2 support..

Kepada thes or Suraya mama ucapkan terima kasih dan semoga perkenalan kita dan ukhwah di dunia blogging ini akan berpanjangan. Mama doakan yang terbaik buat thes sekeluarga..

Kalau nak join klik sini


i- Must be residing in Malaysia at the moment
ii- Have a blogger account
iii- Must follow this blog, (if you don't, then do! I'll follow you back, let's all be friend)


i- Follow my IG account here
ii- Post an entry, 'thes's Love Giveaway' as the title
iii- Include the giveaway poster above and backlinked to this entry
iv- Leave comment down below with your entry URL, so that I can include your blog in the participant list!

v- Any words, advises, comments on my blog or me in general?*optional


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