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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Flower Chimp Partners with Local Florists

Flower Chimp Partners with Local Florists. Online-to-Offline partnership pushes flower business to flourish

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 December 2018 - “Say it with flowers!” Imagine a man stepping out of his car and walking into a florist to buy three bouquets of flowers for his mother, wife and secretary for three separate occasions. He asks the florist which arrangement would suit which recipient and the florist will guide him with the story of each flower and its significance in the arrangement. 

Flower arrangement skill is a work of art and just as any other artistic talents, some are born with it and some learn it. When the skill gets better in time, the industry may not be, as flower gifting is considered a premium addition that barely defines as a necessity. So put two options together, a monthly flower bouquet treat against a weekly movie date, most would choose the latter. Some do not even know what will happen to the local florist who has just shared her lifelong knowledge to the man who just came to her shop to buy flowers.

“At Flower Chimp, we want to create a sustainable flower business that is fair and profitable to every party involved. From the growers who provide us with fresh flowers daily to our in-house florists who spend hours to create something so beautiful for others. At the same time, we work with many local florists from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore to fulfill the orders beyond our vicinity,” said Maximilian Lotz, Founder/Chief Executive Officer. 

He and his partner/Chief Operating Officer, NiklasFrassa first established themselves in separate eCommerce brands for years in Southeast Asia before deciding to venture into the online flower business. Having spent time in the Netherlands, which is a known epicentre of floriculture, the duo have been exposed to the booming online flower industry in Europe. “We decided to combine our sets of expertise - us in eCommerce and online marketing; the local florists in floriculture and flower arrangements - to flourish the flower industry. We will see how both parties can benefit from this Online-to-Offline (O2O) partnership, instead of seeing eCommerce as a competition to existing brick-and-mortar businesses,” Lotz added. At the moment, Flower Chimp is working with more than 100 florists in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore with more florists to come onboard as they widen their reach to more districts within each respective country. 

Following a recent announcement of incoming investment worth RM6 million (released in August 2018), the leading online florist has started seeing more brand awareness among customers who love flowers particularly in its most mature market, Malaysia. “What we have been doing in less than two years of operating this business is creating a dense network for our expert in-house florists to work with reliable vendors (local florists) to follow our guidelines in delivering our promise of the highest quality flowers without burning a hole in your pocket,” Frassa explained. 

Flower Chimp’s customers continue to enjoy their flowers, benefitting from the FREE nationwide delivery and same-day delivery is all four countries.  “At the moment, we are looking at strengthening our market share in Southeast Asia, but in the future, we aim to establish Flower Chimp as a global brand that caters to all your blooming needs, from something as seasonal as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and festivities to regular deliveries of fresh flowers as a centrepiece or simply to reward oneself after a long day,” he added. 

About Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp was established in 2016 by two German entrepreneurs, Maximilian Lotz and NiklasFrassa who have been living in Southeast Asia for several years. Combined with their stint in the Netherlands, a known epicenter of floriculture; they decided to dive into the flower industry and set a new standard for online florist services. With the customers’ best interests at heart, Flower Chimp has been catering to the need for high quality flowers at affordable prices complete with nationwide free delivery. As the business grows, the team continues to improve on its services and research & development to offer more variants of flowers to the growing market.

Currently, Flower Chimp is operating in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. In the near future, the two ambitious entrepreneurs will launch their platform in other Southeast Asian countries.

For more information on Flower Chimp, visit www.flowerchimp.com

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  1. Wah Flower chimp makin berkembang. Tahniah dan semoga terus membuka peluang Pada semua pihak.

  2. Always a beautiful moment to give or receive flowers.

  3. Berkembang ke Malaysia dah.. bagusnya..

  4. cantiknya bunga. kalau dapat ni senyum sampai telinga lah


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