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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wonderful March Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi

Dah lama mama tak join giveaway. So harini nak join GA ray sebab syarat Yang mudah. Lagipun kebanyakan media social ray mama memang dah lama follow. Giveaway sempena birthday Tuan punya blog semalam. Happy birthday ye ray. Semoga sentiasa murah rezeki Dan panjang umurnya..

Boleh klik link ni utk join ye --> http://www.raydahalhabsyi.com/2018/02/wonderful-march-giveaway-by-raydah.html

Syarat2 penyertaan mama copy Dari ray.. 

To join my giveaway, simply follow all these rules
1. Do follow my accounts here (I've attached the links here)

2. Create an entry with this title "Wonderful March Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi"
3. Copy and paste the banner above. Don't forget to backlink your entry.
4. Leave your URL in the comment section below.

I'll pick the winners based on a lucky draw which I'll do it myself when the time comes. Not gonna use the True Random Generator because it'll be no fun to use the same method all over again. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you guys updated.

I'm really hoping that this post will somehow brighten up a little bit of your day or make it better in any way. Spread the words so that more bloggers will get to join this giveaway of mine. Goodluck everybody.


There's more.

But it's a secret for now. I'll reveal it soon

Apa lah agaknya secret yg ray nak bagitau Tu yek.. teruja Pula mama nak tau ni haha..


  1. Good luck tau sis. Cikyan belum bkesempatan lg utk join. Nnt cikyan nk join jugak. Hihi

  2. semoga berjaya mama, kaella singgah dari segmen yg sama

  3. Hehe stay update tau mama. ade surprise nnt. Alhamdulillah. thnk you so much mama. for the wishes and sbb joining this giveaway. for now ray x smpt nak update sgt senarai and everything but i'll do so soon. hectic sikit these few weeks. semoga mama dapat jadi antara yang bertuah. mmuahhh

  4. semoga yang ikut akan menjadi pemenang semuanya ya

  5. Good luck kak. Semoga ada rezeki akak kali ni.

  6. selamat bersegment dan give away..

    p/s : oh ya baru perasan...blog ini dah laju dan seronok untuk dilawati

  7. Hello there. Blogwalking here dari segmen yg sama :D Good luck :)


  8. join jugak GA ni! Goodluck tau :D

  9. good luck Mamapp and hepi bday to Ray..^^

  10. goodluck! moga2 ada rezeki. azah pun dah join jugak. hihi. :D

    jemput baca new entri azah :

  11. singgah sini...good luck

  12. Good luck! Sy singgah follow sini dari GA yang sama ^^

  13. Hi mama. thnk you again for joining. The winners will be announced soon. I am so sorry for the late update. i do miss reading ur blog


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