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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What to do when you are trapped in a lift?

Aku dpt fwd dari email. aku rasa berguna gak info ni.. w/pun aku tak penah trapped dalam lift tp pengalaman pintu lift terbuka bila tingkat tu tak sampai sepenuhnya (korang faham ke apa aku kata ni?) ala.. bila pintu lif terbuka, teriba nampak floor lif n floor tingkat yg kita dh sampai tu tak sama level.. masa tu pun dh rasa cuak weh.. ok jom baca jom..


We never know when and where accidents will happen to us OR people around us.  
Read on and hope this piece of information may help any of us when things do happen to ourself, our friends and our loved ones.

One day, while in a lift, it suddenly broke down and it was falling from level 13 at a fast speed .  
Fortunately, I remembered watching a TV program that taught   you must quickly press all the buttons for all the levels .
Finally, the lift stopped at the 5 th level.

When you are facing life and death situations, whatever decisions or actions you make decides your survival.  
If you are caught in a lift  breakdown, first thought in mind may be 'waiting to die'...

But after reading below, things will definitely be different the next time you are caught in a lift.

      – Quickly press all the different levels of buttons in the lift.

Second – Hold on tight to the handle (if there is any).

     – Lean your back and head against the wall forming a straight line.

Fourth  – Bend your knees

Reason – When the lift falls, you will not know when it will hit the ground, and it may result in whole body bone fracture.

Point 1 – When the emergency electricity supply is being activated, it will stop the lift from falling further.

Point 2 – It is to support your position and prevent you from falling or getting hurt when you lost your balance.

Point 3 – Leaning against the wall is to use it as a support for your back/spine as protection.

Point 4 – Ligament is a flexible, connective tissue.  It can be attached to the bone part of the activities, but limit the scope of their activities in order to avoid injury.  
Thus, the impact of fractured bones will be minimised from the severe pressure during fall.


  1. nice info, last time mas trapped dlm lift..just baca ayat qursi byk2 he..he.. takut gak

  2. xpernah lagi alami situation camtu... harap2 xde la... tapi info ni amat berguna... thank kak kongsikan... ;d

  3. hihi tak penah gak.. baca ayat kursi maybe akan wat juga.. tp cuba2 lah tips di atas tu. malang tak berbau ye tak?
    hajar, nak ignatkan diri sendiri gak ni


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