Monday, September 7, 2009

NadE NooK ConTesT!!

Nak masuk contest lagik. kali ni dianjurkan oleh mrs Farhana (cantik orgnyer..) []

NadE NooK ConTesT!!


Wanna get 1 free shawl rite? It is suPer Duper Easy.. These r d Rules:

  1. Copy or save the NADE NOOK contest banner above. DONE
  2. Paste it to your blog. DONE
  3. Link the banner to our blog which is DONE
  4. Send us an email ( with the title NADE NOOK contest and give us your name, blog URL and contact number. DONE
  5. Send us your entry before 12 September 2009. That's All!! DONE 2 win it afta u've done ol dis rite?

We will have the list of ol URL given.
On the final date which is on 12 SEPTEMBER 2009 we will pick only one blog randomly

And if its ur blog be sure that when we click on your page and we could see the NADE NOOK contest banner .

And..if we see it we will give you a SHAWL , You could choose any shawl no matter what price it is!!! isn't it fun??? best kan? dapat shawl free kut!!

Wow, bestnyer kalau dpt shawl tuh.. dh tgk kat website.. mmg cantik2 espt yg design sendiri tuh..

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